Create, Publish, Profit: 10X Your Twitter in 30 Days (October 5th)

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Get Direct Access to a 30-Day Mentorship That Teaches You Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Building a Twitter Business...


Create, Publish, Profit: 10X Your Twitter in 30 Days

Create, Publish, Profit is a cohort-style mentorship that will 10x the results you are currently getting with 1/10th the time, energy, and effort of figuring it out on your own.

Imagine where you would be if you could be mentored by the biggest accounts and then implemented their strategies, secrets, and methods to build your own Twitter money-printing machine...

What would you be able to accomplish?

Let me explain...

If you want to "download" the systems needed to build a FULL-TIME business on Twitter (in the shortest amount of time) then this mentorship will show you EXACTLY what you need to do.

Our knowledge becomes your knowledge. 

To put this program together we asked...what's the fastest way to get YOU more followers, more sales, and more clarity? How can we 10x each of those pillars?

... and then we made that happen.

Because Twitter is a GAME and we know how to play it.

Truth #1: Big accounts don't get big by accident.

Truth #2: It's all about their systems. 

Look, you can waste your time trying to figure out Twitter on your own. You might get the results, but you risk wasting months on dead-end strategies. Or you can join us in a special mentorship to develop your brand. A brand that will lead to a larger (and more engaged) following that lets you print money using Twitter. 

What would normally take OVER ONE YEAR, we've found a way to deliver in ONE MONTH.

Have trouble growing your account?

Learn the tactics we personally use to grow our audience. Access the knowledge that has allowed our mentors to gain over 100K followers in ONE year. We will teach you the strategies and secrets we use to manipulate the algo in our favor and grow consistently every single day.

Is writer's block an issue?

You will have access to a team of professional ghostwriters. We will show you how we create content and NEVER run out of ideas. (We’ll even help you write your tweets to increase their engagement and even get more eyes on your content).

Have trouble making money online? 

It's okay. Our team has multiple accounts making a full-time income online. Learn how to make more sales with simple Tweets and learn how to create irresistible offers. We will even sit down and teach you exactly how to make your first dollar online (or how to double your current income). 

Want to make deeper connections and meet a team of like-minded individuals?

Our 30-day program is a chance to build lasting friendships and make high-quality contacts. Join a team of like-minded individuals. We will be working together to make sure YOU win.

Here's what's inside...

  • 30 Day EXACT day by day, step by step playbook (zero guesswork).
  • Templates, formulas, frameworks (reviewed by US personally).
  • Assignments to help fast-track your development.
  • Engagement techniques to skyrocket your exposure.
  • Masterclass Training to understand the game on a core level.
  • Instant feedback on your content from professional ghostwriters.
  • Follow a cohort-based curriculum to develop your profile and never run out of ideas.
  • Access a network of students to grow alongside, give feedback, and network with. This network will foster a community of accountability.
  • Learn how to monetize your account. Turn your Twitter into a business. You can make a steady income even with a tiny following.
  • Access to our customized curriculum (lifetime).

Download our PROVEN process, frameworks, and approaches. Create, Publish, Profit will take you from beginner to mastery in 30 days. After this, you’ll never need another Twitter course again - because you will have internalized these principles.

Meet the Team...

Below are just some results from our cohort.

Think about how much better your results will be with one-on-one attention from some of the biggest accounts on Twitter.

What will you be able to accomplish in 2022?

Course dates: October 5th - November 3rd

💻 Our community will be hosted on Discord. This will be an active community that will allow for accountability and networking.

🎥 Lessons will be delivered via video or by recording. Access them at your own pace.

🎭 The best classroom is an interactive classroom. Some of our lessons will be an open discussion. Feedback on demand. ALL lessons will be recorded. 

🎤 We will also host weekly forums with moderators. You can ask us anything and we will be there to help YOU.

✍️ "Copy and Paste" our strategies. This will include access to our endless templates. Discover why content creation is easy. 

Together with a small group of like-minded students on the same mission, we will personally go through this journey to 10x your followers, 10x your sales, 10x your clarity IN JUST 30 DAYS.

P.S. Spots for Create, Publish, Profit are limited to ensure the highest quality of instruction for our students. Doors close on October 5th and spots are limited to the first 100. This WILL sell out.

  • Sign-up and receive further instruction. Class starts October 5th.

  • Sign-up and receive further instruction. Class starts October 5th.


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Create, Publish, Profit: 10X Your Twitter in 30 Days (October 5th)

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