The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Twitter

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Struggling To Start Your Twitter Account?

Let me show you how to grow from DAY ONE.

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide is a blueprint that will teach you how to start a Twitter account from the ground up. Learn how to get your first 1000 followers effortlessly.

In the Beginner's Guide, we will cover:

  • Developing a brand on Twitter: Learn how to play the long game. Develop an account that will grow followers while adding TRUE fans. Twitter is more than just a numbers game, it's a relationships game. This guide will help define and develop your big idea.
  • Your First 90-Days Blueprint: The opening stages of Twitter are like the opening stages of a chess match. This is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through your opening moves. Learn how to lay a foundation that will allow you to grow effortlessly.
  • Engaging properly on this platform: You need to have personality in your comments. Iโ€™ll teach you exactly how to get more followers through DMs and comments. Learn how to make friends with big accounts. Learn how to network and get more followers without being another generic account.
  • Using analytics to track your growth: Learn to measure & analyze all your posts to see whatโ€™s working. I will tell you all the tools that I personally use and how I use them to improve my engagement
  • Implement strategies to bring growth: These are my personal strategies. Learn how to gain traction quickly. This works easily even if you are a new account.
  • Common mistakes: I go through all of the mistakes and pitfalls that you might make when starting out. Learn from the mistakes that even the big accounts make.
  • Growth targets to measure your progress: You need to have some realistic numbers and goals in mind to stay on track in this journey. I clearly lay out targets that will help you track your progress.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide is the best way to get your account started. Twitter growth is a process and I show you exactly what you need to do to win.ย 

NOTE: This is not the full Create 24/7 course. This is just the Beginner's Guide and 90-Day Blueprint. If you want access to the FULL course click HERE (get the Ultimate Edition).

This guide is strictly intended for accounts that are starting their Twitter journey from 0 followers.

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Create 24/7: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Twitter and +35 minutes worth of video instruction.


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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Twitter

43 ratings
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