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How I made $100,000 selling digital products

Thank you for being one of my customers!

Last night we crossed an important milestone:

We sold over $100,000 of online digital products. 

To celebrate, I want to share with you 15 lessons I learned along the way.

These lessons are designed to help you understand how the online world works and in turn, help you make more money.


Lesson 1: You need to move fast (and take action)

The most important step...

Most are held back by limiting beliefs.

To make money online you need to work fast. Execute. Constantly create. You need to be relentless. This will allow you to get in the zone and will lead to you creating better products.

Google: creativity faucet

Lesson 2: Build an audience

Most products fail for this reason. You can't launch without an audience and your early stages online should be dedicated toward building a following.

Your mentality should be: Give, give, give...
Be known as the person that provides VALUE. 
People just don’t buy what you are selling.

They buy YOU.

Lesson 3: Surround yourself w/the best

Always be on the search for talent.

If you want to have a great launch (and you aren’t already famous) you need to utilize other people's abilities and networks.

Your network is literally your net worth...

Remember this when you pick your friends.

Lesson 4: Leverage your connections

Speaking of friends… Put them to work.

Pay attention to their strengths.

One of the reasons my first product "Create 24/7" succeeded was because it had a unique angle... my friends did guest modules.

👉Just make sure you pay them back.

Lesson 5: Ask more questions…

View EVERYTHING like its market research...

This serves two purposes:

  1. You constantly improve your products

  2. You strengthen your customer relationships

Ask questions, listen to your customers, and then follow up on their feedback. Give people what they WANT.

Lesson 6: Constantly write down ideas…

Always keep a device or a pen and paper handy.

Make this a habit because the best kind of ideas will find you when you are alone (scientific fact)… but you can only capitalize on these ideas if you write them down.

My idea for 101 Ways came to me while mowing my lawn :)

Lesson 7: Create products that solve problems

Your product's success hinges on whether or not it solves a problem. Does your product save someone time... does it save (or make) someone money?

If the answer is yes, then it will make it. 

Lesson 8: Create products that get people excited

So much is based on emotion.

Does your product make people FEEL good? If your customers walk away feeling great they will tell others about your product. It will create BUZZ (trust me you want this). No one likes boring.

Lesson 9: Create multiple offers (with one product)

Create 24/7 tiers:

$79- Standard

$89 - Ultimate Edition

$599 - Base product/mentorship

This will allow you to attract more buyers: some want to save, some want the most value, some want the best offer. Appeal to them all.

Lesson 10: It’s ok to compete on price (at first)

When you break onto the scene you need to compete with the big dogs. The easiest way is to compete on price.

Create 24/7 started at $29 because I wanted to build a brand associated with overdelivering.

The goal is repeat customers.

Lesson 11: Always raise prices (never discount)

Start low… then quickly raise. Each price raise will (oddly) bring another round of buyers. NEVER run sales. Always add more to your product.

In the end, higher prices will lead to better customers.

Lesson 12: Use scarcity to your advantage...

Dirty Secret: 9 LEFT actually works

Scarcity brings urgency and when people are faced with a deadline it prompts them to take action.

Utilize scarcity 2 with ways:

  1. either with time (good)

  2. or with limited offers (better)

Lesson 13: Treat affiliates well

$47,000 has been sold through affiliate marketing….

The key is to keep in constant communication. Set up an email list. Let them know about special offers. Help them position and sell. Encourage them.

The more money they make ...the more money you make.

Lesson 14: The world belongs to imposters…

The truth is no one knows what they are doing.

And the best way to learn is by doing. It’s ok to be tough on yourself but you can't let it stop you from taking action (because that is required for MASTERY).

Google: Feynman Technique

Lesson 15: Always bet on yourself

I was teaching public school and was offered $600 to work an extra week. I politely declined and instead created my first online product.

Moral of the story:

You can either use your time stuck in a boring routine or use your time to build your dreams. Choose wisely.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

- AoP


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